Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

Experience perfect winter fairytale scenery on a unique horse-drawn sleigh ride through the breathtaking snowy landscape of Gastein! Wrapped in a warm blanket, enjoy time with your most favorite people in the world, accompanied by the jingling of sleighbells.

In the stables at the Torbauer are many horses, ponies for the children to ride and take care of, 10 Noriker mares with their foals, as well as 2 stallions. The farmer is an avid horse breeder. The Noriker horses are used for the sleigh rides. These stout cold-bloods effortlessly pull the sleigh through the winter landscape of Gastein.
Here, the choice is yours: there are many different tours to choose from – your sleigh driver will be happy to advise you.

Bus groups have also come to the right place

For groups, we offer a wonderful tour through local villages. You can also book a ride that includes lunch, a coffee break, or dinner.

Dorfgastein Tour:

The ride for sun worshipers, families, and romantics. We start in Maierhofen and ride across fields to Dorfgastein. We continue via the biotope nature reserve to Harbach - Luggau. Here, we switch to the other side of the valley and ride alongside the mountain back to the starting point.

The ride lasts ca. 1 hour. Of course, there is a refreshment opportunity halfway along the route (We are also happy to stop for lunch or dinner).